Attitude-Capital is central to startup companies

Startup companies often think that they have a unique idea or a unique product. And often this is also the case. Based on their passion, the originality of the idea or the product and their network, some startups succeed also to find sufficient funding. But even if the funding represents a substantial capital, often the financial reserves are running out fast. On top, often the unique idea or unique product turn out not to be as unique or they can easily be imitated if there are no very strong patents that can be defended.

This means that even with a strong funding, startup companies must make results as soon as possible. For startups with a product that is commercially ready this means realize positive sales successes as soon as possible and for startups with a product in development, come up as soon as possible with a product that is ready for commercial sale.

What really will make the difference at that time, is what Attitude-Capital this startup company has. The right strategy can help but even the best strategy can lose all impact in the absence of a strong Attitude-Capital. And the presence of only passion, a good strategy or funding that allows medium-term survival, are absolutely insufficient.

When you undertake something, short-term setbacks are absolutely not be excluded: If you really want to be successful, it is absolutely necessary to understand that you will also experience setbacks when you undertake something and it is important to be able to process these setbacks but even more importantly, to quickly bounce back to a level that is even better than before.

Besides passion, capital, a good strategy and being able to bounce back after adversity, there are still so many aspects of the utmost importance for a startup to succeed: determining the objectives in the right way leading all employees to action, self-confidence, self-suggestion, self-accountability, being able to decide, perseverance, a "Yes I can" mentality, good planning but in the first place especially courage, are all principles that should be applied very smoothly and all those principles contribute to building up the Attitude-Capital of a startup company and its employees.

That is why it is so important that in a startup company the Attitude-Capital is very high and that the management will make their best efforts to develop and grow this Attitude-Capital: the growth of the Attitude-Capital will determine the growth of the results the startup!!!

Marc Lamont - Copyright

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