The expert-institute 'Attitude for Success'

'Attitude for Success' is an Expert-Institute founded by Marc Lamont and this based on his 43-year-old global management experience with very large well-known and international companies, but also with numerous small startup companies, spin-offs and joint ventures.

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What is 'Attitude-Capital'?

Attitude-capital exists both for companies and people, such as business leaders, executives, start-up entrepreneurs and employees. The attitude with which each individual pursues at his or her level individual personal success helps to build the attitude-capital of a company and contributes in this

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Who is the founder of the Expert-Institute 'Attitude for Success'?

The expertise-Institute ' Attitude for Success ' was founded by Marc Lamont. From the start of his career he always regarded as his mission to help employees to find the right attitude and to help companies build a strong attitude-capital

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The first and main concern of businesses leaders is the growth of the operating results, better sales results and achieving success.

 Attitude-capital is important for business leaders, executives, starting entrepreneurs or starters, but also for employees because this ultimately strongly affects business success and individual success.  The right attitude is built up thanks to having self-accountability, self-confidence, self-suggestion, self-enthusiasm, being able to make decisions or decision-power, perseverance, strong desire or passion, planning, "Yes I can" attitude and courage. A high attitude-capital constitutes the most important possession, more important than knowledge, experience, skills or talent.

Being able to bounce back after adversity or resilience is also very important, as well as overcoming obstacles and hurdles.  The subconscious mind plays a large role in all this. Also determining objectives plays a key role: and short-term objectives are influenced by purpose and life-mission.