Who is the founder of the Expert-Institute 'Attitude for Success'?

The Expert-Institute ' Attitude for Success ' was founded by Marc Lamont. 

After first obtaining a Master in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ghent - Belgium, Marc also decided to study Economics and obtained an Executive Master in Business Administration at the Flanders Business School, Antwerp in program cooperation with the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago, one of the top business schools in the world according to Business Week, U.S. News World Report and The Economist Intelligence Unit. He started his career with a management position at a company that then belonged to the Fortune 500. Already early in his career, his management missions had an international scope, first at West-European level and then a responsibility that expanded to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, the United States and Africa. While initially the main focus of his leadership role was at Strategic, Sales and Marketing level, his responsibility expanded rapidly to General Management with even over a period of time the responsibility for different production sites and research centers worldwide.

What he especially appreciates in his 43-year-old management-career is that he got the chance to drive both groups within very large organizations in well-known companies as well as in small startup structures, spin-offs and joint ventures.

From the start of his career he always considered that his mission was to help employees to find the right attitude and to help companies build a strong attitude-capital. In his experience, the right attitude is always the gatekeeper  that determines the success of any other investment made by a company. And just assume that everything is fine with the attitude is a blind assumption, which usually is wrong, because otherwise everyone would have continuously super results.

If you like a hands-on approach by someone who stood during 43 years with both feet in the everyday management-life, at an international level with the most diverse cultural differences and this by working within organizations with about 10 employees to 328.000 employees, then you are at the right address. In every aspect that Marc discusses, he keeps the practical applicability in mind of what he puts forward and he gives you hints how best to apply the advice given. Therefore, you will not only want to listen to what he has to say, but you will use his advice as a lifetime manual that gives you an extra boost to do each time slightly better than before and this in a way that is easy applicable. Marc himself has only one goal in mind: allow others to learn as much as possible and have them take advantage from his experience. Marc creates a huge difference with consultants who have never experienced what they preach themselves.  Marc follows the statement: the best coach/consultant is the coach/consultant who has experienced everything himself and who can speak from years of experience in really relevant situations.


There are a lot of managers with a long career and rich experiences, but after that long career with rich experiences most of them prefer to take it easy: the mission that Marc has chosen, however, is give others the chance to learn from what he himself has learned over 43 years.

 Marc is also the author of several business books including 'The Power of the Attitude-Capital'.  You can find the summary of these books as well as the order form for the books under the page ‘Books’ of this website.