Mentoring of start-ups

During his international management career of 43 years, Marc built at least 7 start ups as well as completely new business activities. Two of these activities grew even on relatively short period of time to businesses of around 20 million euros. In addition, Marc built this experience in different domains of the broad healthcare-field and the medical software field. Based on these experiences, Attitude for Success can also make a difference for your start-up.  What really makes a difference for start-ups, is what attitude-capital is present. The right strategy can help but even the best strategy loses all impact in the absence of a strong attitude-capital. And the presence of only passion, a good strategy or funding that allows medium-term survival, are absolutely insufficient. In addition to passion, capital, a good strategy and a bounce back mentality after adversity, there are still so many aspects of the utmost importance to a successful start-up: the way objectives are formulated for employees pushing them to action,  action, self-confidence, self-suggestion, self-accountability, decision power, perseverance, a "Yes I can" mentality, good planning but in the first place courage, are all principles that should be applied very smoothly.  All those principles are part of building the attitude-capital of the start-up and its employees.

Attitude for Success can bring a real added value in most of the domains of importance to a start-up, based on the extensive experience that Marc had.  

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