What is 'Attitude-Capital'?

Attitude-capital exists both for companies and people, such as business leaders, executives, start-up entrepreneurs and employees.

The attitude with which each individual pursues at his or her level individual personal success helps to build the attitude-capital of a company and contributes in this way to the corporate success. The sum of the level of the attitude-capital of all employees together determines the attitude-capital of a company. Attitude-capital at the company level is a relatively new concept to which little importance has been attached until now. However, attitude-capital is a gatekeeper that determines the effects of all other investments that a company makes. Without an attitude-capital that is high, the value of any assets of a company is in jeopardy and any investment can stay useless and without results. And this is certainly not the intention as companies look for continuity and growth of their activities.

Also for each person such as business leaders, executives, start-up entrepreneurs and employees, a high attitude-capital represents the most important possession, more important than knowledge, experience, skills, talent or personal financial property, because a high attitude-capital offers an individual person the best possibilities to be successful in any situation and after failures to bounce back to a level even higher than before.

Both companies and people believe all too easily that what they are doing today to create success is already enough or they are satisfied with the current situation. However, it is possible thanks to the development of the attitude-capital, to increase the opportunity to achieve better business results or to increase the actual level of success or as a starter to bring the business really to the next level. And continuity and growth are the first and main concern, both for companies and individuals.