The Power of Attitude-Capital

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About the book

Companies continuously evaluate their assets, both tangible and intangible assets. During those reviews a very important point is often forgotten: the attitude- capital as one of the extremely important assets. Without an attitude-capital that is high, the value of all other assets are at risk. And this is certainly not the intention as companies are looking for security and growth.

The success of companies is determined by the sum of the individual success of each employee. And the success of employees can be increased very well by developing and further growing their attitude. But the development of the right attitude increases not only the success: it also leads to maximum realization-potential.

Also for employees the attitude-capital is extremely important, more important than knowledge, experience, skills and talent as attitude determines how all of these elements can be converted into success: in the absence of the right attitude, the value of knowledge, experience, skills and talent is  very small to non-existent. And as a result the chance of reaching success is also very small to non-existent. When an employee has the right attitude, it increases the individual success but this also contributes to the attitude-capital of the company and thus to the success of the company.

Starters and startups often think that they have a unique idea or a unique product. But often, these ideas or products are not that unique or they can easily be imitated. What really creates the difference is what attitude-capital these starters have from the beginning. And the presence of only passion as attitude-capital, is totally insufficient.

This book is both for managers, executives, board members, company employees and starters, a book not only to be read but also to be used daily as a guide to help raising the attitude-capital. This book is not looking at what goes wrong in organizations or at the individual level: the book rather wants rather to stimulate to work on the opportunities organizations and individual employees have.



The Principles in your book are so much more valid as we redesign our new normal amidst the unprecedented global crisis!!! I am reading and using on a daily basis.

General Manager & Senior Director, Global Healthcare IT at Canon Medical Systems Corporation       Dr Ravi Bickram Shrestha – Singapore


This book is a small summary of your enormous experience and it will surely support everyone developing their business!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge towards success and to grow a business successfully!

Director of Sales - Ivo Minnen – Mechelen, Belgium                                                                                                                                                          

Every MBA’er  should read this book.  I enjoy the well explained text and absolutely love that you almost always seem to answer the questions that linger in one’s mind. I am recommending it to many people.  You are right it is a book one may want to re-read. 

Clinical Director of Strategic Accounts at Vital Images - Mary Daniels - Minneapolis - US                                                                                       

‘The Power of Attitude Capital’ is giving the reader the path to success and a great example to conduct their career and life.

I have read the book before the outcome of the pandemic and read it again right now. The principles developed in your book will be of great support in these special changing days as a result of the coming crisis.   

Senior Finance & Administration Executive – Jean-Luc Durieux – Lille, France


“The Power of Attitude Capital" is a great read, very insightful and there is a lot to take away from the words of Marc Lamont. With this book, he has re-enforced core elements of how I practice business and I look forward to reading his other books

Emil Alf Larsson, Medical Imaging Consultants @ CM Medical.- Leeds, UK