The expert-institute 'Attitude for Success'

'Attitude for Success' is an Expert-Institute founded by Marc Lamont and this based on his 43-year-old global management experience with very large well-known and international companies, but also with numerous small startup companies, spin-offs and joint ventures.

 Helping you both at company level and at the individual level to build a stronger attitude-capital is the task of the Expert-Institute 'Attitude for Success'

The Expert-Institute 'Attitude for Success' can help companies and individuals in different ways to build and increase their attitude-capital:

·         the book 'the Power of the Attitude-Capital ' written by Marc Lamont, the founder of the Expert-Institute 'Attitude for Success' - this book is a manual on all the principles needed to build and increase the attitude-capital


·         motivating presentations on the attitude-capital and/or the principles needed to build the attitude-capital, giving an extra boost to people during your company meetings and sales meetings


·         individual coaching of employees who need an extra boost to reach the right attitude


·         training programs adapted and built to the individual business needs, usually with a focus on teaching the principles needed to master the priniples needed to have the right attitude

Getting better results is and remains the first and biggest concern both of companies and individual persons.

 'Attitude for Success' aims to increase the success of companies and individuals through the development and growth of the right attitude at the individual level.

The most important gatekeeper for success in a company is in the first place the right attitude of all employees together: when each employee individually has the right attitude, all employees together can build the attitude-capital of the company and better support the growth of the company. 

Developing the right attitude is more important than learning any other skill and must be given priority over any other skill that one wants to learn because attitude-capital is the gate-keeper for the effect that all the other skills can have.

A high attitude-capital is the most important gatekeeper allowing all other initiatives and investments made by a company to work: a lack of sufficient attitude-capital can result in the failure of all other initiatives and investments made.

The right attitude with each individual employee is a building block and all these building blocks together create the attitude-capital of the company and the attitude-capital of the company determines the growth curve of the company.

As a result, companies should make the development of their attitude-capital a priority and work continuously on this.